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Abbaye Saint-Philibert  

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The Monks of Noirmoutier, who fled before the Norman invader, came here and built this church to shelter the relics of their founder Philibert. The Abbey church of Tournus represents one of the most revered sanctuaries of early Romanesque art. Exceptionally well preserved, this monument’s pinkish and ochre-coloured stones overlook the historical city of Tournus along the Saône River’s western bank. It is one of the masterpieces found on the Carpenters’ Guild road. The abbey’s interior creates a most surprising effect by its sheer dimensions, volume under the magnificent arches, light in both the transept and large nave, as well as by the slender columns and the vault shaped by transverse arches. The abbey church also contains a crypt and the Saint-Michel Chapel. A number of medieval mosaics that illustrate the zodiac and the works of monks are now placed on display. Connected to the church via the confessional, the abbey’s buildings comprise the cloister, chapter house, refectory and cellar. New: Audio-guided tours for children aged 6 to 12 in both French and German. Gerlannus the Monk will lead you all over the abbey. For more information: http://www.paroisse-saint-philibert-tournus.fr/accueil.html

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languages spoken : French, German, English, Spanish

Equipments and services :
  • Library, Shop, Wireless service


Audio guide rate : 2,5€ - 5€ - 5€ adulte / 2.50€ enfant

Base rate - full rate adult : Until 5€ - Location audioguide

Child rate : Until 2,5€ - Location audioguide

  • Place de l'Abbaye
  • 71700 TOURNUS

  • Phone : 03 85 27 00 20
  • E-mail : contact@tournus-tourisme.com
  • Website :